HND advocates on behalf of Hmong American communities at the national level. HND views advocacy as a tool to raise the visibility of the Hmong American community and its issues to policy makers, legislators, and key stakeholders. We do this through two approaches: policy advocacy & civic engagement activities. This comprehensive approach to civic engagement and policy advocacy allows HND to narrow its focus in addressing emerging challenges and issues faced by Hmong American communities across the United States. The backbone of HND’s Policy Advocacy Program is guided by the principle of affecting long-term social change that cultivates the development of the individual, the family, the organization, and the community in the United States.

In its national advocacy efforts, HND works in coalition with the National Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA). NCAPA, founded in 1996, is a coalition of thirty national Asian Pacific American organizations around the country. Based in Washington D.C, NCAPA serves to represent the interests of the greater Asian American (AA) and Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (NHPI) communities and to provide a national voice for AA and NHPI issues. To learn more about NCAPA’s policy priorities and to view our Policy Blueprint, please CLICK HERE.

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