Through HND’s programming and advocacy efforts, we partner with ethnic-based media to bring you and our national partners the latest update on current program developments and policies impacting the national Hmong community. At HND, we believe in equity and access to today’s new media & technology for all communities. We also recognize the diverse media outlets used to circulate news across the nation’s Hmong communities.

In our effort to create media communications that truly represent our voices, HND Board of Directors, staff members, interns, and volunteers have collaborated with the following ethnic-based media through articles, opinion editorials, radio programming, and public service announcements.

Please note that HND releases all press release statements and media-related documents on official HND letterhead and/or logo and sent directly to HND media contacts, the HND Listserv, and posted on the official HND website at

HND welcomes continued collaboration with existing ethnic-based media to educate and advance the needs of Hmong communities in the United States. For more information on how we can partner to share updates and recent developments, please contact us at