For the past 35+ years, the community has had limited opportunities to come together and create a vision that unites members from across the nation. To address this situation, Hmong National Development hosted the first Hmong American Leadership Symposium where over 100 multi-generational leaders – formal and informal leaders – began a dialogue that would serve as a foundation to build the leadership capacity of the Hmong American community in the United States. The symposium was held in conjunction with the 15th HND Conference.

Goals of the Symposium:

  • Dialogue, share, and learn about best practices, resources, and community challenges.
  • Develop a Strategic Think Tank for Hmong organizations
  • Identify accountability strategies and systems that enable Hmong leaders to be more accountable and transparent.
  • Develop a Strategic Road Map to identify key issues, strengths, opportunities and challenges.
  • Build and support leadership and leaders within the community.
  • Create national evaluation standards for programming and service delivery.