Hmong National Development Conference

2019 HNDC opening ceremony

The Hmong National Development Conference (HNDC) is the Hmong community’s largest event that unites over 1,000 professionals, students, and community leaders to share valuable insights and powerful new approaches to community empowerment, professional development, and leadership. 

Attendees leverage their knowledge and skills in the areas of business, politics, social services, and education to address the needs of Hmong communities and other immigrant and refugee populations. The three-day convention engages, entertains, and invigorates participants with an array of educational workshops, networking events, affinity sessions, a leadership banquet, and live entertainment featuring Hmong American artists.

Click the images below to see videos, photos, and descriptions of workshops, awards, and more from the two most recent HND conferences.

2019 HNDC – San Jose, California

2017 HNDC – Milwaukee, Wisconsin