December 6, 2017 

CONTACT: Dr. Mai Moua, Ph.D. 

Chief Operating Officer 

(651) 495-1517 


Saint Paul, MN – Hmong National Development (HND) has worked for over twenty years to empower the Hmong community to achieve prosperity and equality. The appointment of Ms. Sophia Y. Vuelo is an indicator of how far the Hmong community has come since beginning to call the United States their home. She is an example of the invaluable contributions that this immigrant and refugee population brings. 

“Ms. Vuelo is a true inspiration to all Hmong. She has demonstrated an ability to overcome obstacles and barriers that many immigrants and refugees face and achieved a position of leadership that works to bring equality to all,” remarked Bao Vang, HND’s President and CEO. “We are proud of her past work to address pressing social issues and serve the state as a public defender. It is important to recognize this significant achievement and the example it sets for our community.” 

We are working for full inclusion and representation of the Hmong across all spectrums of the legal system, political process and positions of public leadership. Our country does best when it involves everyone who calls this country home and offers them the opportunity to contribute their skills and talents. 

HND will continue our work to provide opportunities to empower the Hmong community to achieve prosperity and equality so that we are not just celebrating the milestone of one community member, but we are celebrating the significant achievements of all that have been made possible by the community. 


HND is a national 501(c)3, nonprofit whose mission is to: empower the Hmong community to achieve prosperity and equality through education, research, policy and advocacy, and leadership development. For more information about HND, please visit