Hmong communities throughout the United States continue to suffer from hate crimes, racial profiling, and discrimination. Many Hmong live in rural communities that lack diversity and are subjected to racism on a daily basis. Hmong youth are bullied and harassed at school, and Hmong employees suffer from discrimination in the workplace. HND works to help advocate for your legal and civil rights to ensure that justice is served. We have helped dozens of Hmong citizens over the past 20 years in cases of varying legal natures.

Mr. Neng Yang – Oklahoma 2012

After waiting a year for justice, the family of Neng Yang has finally received closure in 2012. As mentioned in a previous HND Community Update, Neng Yang was brutally beaten in March 2011 after accidentally running over a dog. This tragedy shook the AAPI community when it occurred. HND, along with 15 of our national AAPI advocacy partners, wrote a letter to the Craig County Asst. District Attorney in solidarity with the family and local community. Finally on May 22 and 23, 2012 a jury trial took place in Vinita, Oklahoma.

The jury found the defendant, Scott Osborn, guilty of felony aggravated assault and battery and sentenced him to one year in jail and a \$500 fine. The prosecution will request Osborn pay restitution for Yang’s medical expenses at the July 16 sentencing. HND worked hard to be a reliable resource to the family to connect them with appropriate legal counsel and the crime victim’s compensation benefits they were eligible for.

Media Coverage of Trial: